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Ryan Delafosse

TechHire is a nationwide, community-based movement that helps employers find outstanding tech talent, and helps overlooked job seekers start technology careers. To build their momentum, we made a new landing page that refined their messaging and showcased their impact.

Our site blends data and storytelling to appeal to a wide range of visitors. Data points prove that this workforce evolution is critical, while quotes from the field humanize the movement and tie it back to local communities.

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Ultimately, this storytelling leads to strong CTAs for site visitors to get involved, and a data capture field to help TechHire continue to grow its community.

By integrating Design, UX and Copy at the beginning of the process, Heco turned around a beautiful website in record time, and created an experience where messaging and design work together to connect with all of our target audiences.
Kara Eldersveld, Director of Brand Strategy