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Hu. Hotel

A hotel identity that captures the subtle hues of Memphis.



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Hu. is a boutique hotel in downtown Memphis. It resides in the former Tennessee Trust building, a Beaux Arts icon built by the hotel’s namesake and one of Memphis’ founding fathers—Hugh “Hu.” Lawson White Brinkley. We partnered with Aparium Hotel Group to brand the new hotel and its three food and beverage offerings—Hu. Diner, Hu. Roof and Hu. Cafe.

The brand system is inspired by the hotel’s interior design and the building’s architecture. Purposefully restrained designs, distilled to their minimum then gracefully executed, create an identity that’s understated and urbane. It feels unconventional and understated. Elevated, without the pomp. Casual, without the slop.

The brand positions Hu. as a place where locals and visitors alike can take a step up from the everyday and feel the freewheeling energy of Memphis, in all its hues.

Heco is a rare combination of talent in the branding world. They have the originality and creative breadth to deliver something one of a kind, along with the technical and business acumen to provide comfort to the client. We demand a lot of commitment from a creative partner and Heco continues to exceed expectations.
Michael Kitchen, Partner at Aparium Hotel Group