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A brand that helps a new-school investment fund shake up the industry.



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Origin Investments is a private equity real estate investment firm that combines a best-in-class web platform with the expertise of skilled fund managers. We developed their brand strategy and visual identity, and helped launch their investment platform with a new marketing website and anthem film.

We held workshops with stakeholders and investors to clarify Origin’s reason for being. That groundwork led to a new brand position based on true alignment with investors, as well as a bold new brand voice and persuasive new messaging.

The Compass & Pin identity we created captures Origin’s hybrid approach to investing, where old-school street smarts meet new-school tech. The typeface and color palette we selected blend classic and modern, inspiring trust but signaling an innovative approach. A new infographic style makes their data easier to understand, and new photography guidelines make the brand feel genuine and approachable.

We brought all the parts together with a set of tools that guide brand activation across touchpoints—from conference booths, to quarterly reports, to the web.

To help drive conversions, we set an overarching UX goal for Origin’s new site: Empower investors by giving them easy access to critical information and expert guidance. We made the site more persuasive with copy that calls out the advantages Origin gives investors. And strong calls-to-action give prospects clear pathways to invest.

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We are changing the way people invest in real estate, which makes marketing a real challenge. To get more investors our brand needs to build immediate trust. JT and Matt quickly learned our business and how our target thinks, and helped us clearly communicate what we do and why we do it better. Because of their work we now have a brand and website that has helped us achieve triple digit growth in the last 18 months.
Michael Episcope, Principal at Origin Investments