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Clyde is an insurtech company that empowers businesses to offer product protection plans to their customers. Their platform transforms an expensive, technically demanding, six month process into a 3-minute breeze that helps businesses drive greater revenue and brand loyalty. To help Clyde emerge as a category leader and increase sales, we rebranded the company and designed a new lead gen-focused website.

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*Our clients are empowered to evolve their websites on their own. Live websites may not reflect our original designs.

Our goal was creating a long term brand that people associate with product protection and security. The new branding is inspired by the idea that Clyde helps businesses close the customer loyalty loop, and the new mark serves as an easy to spot “seal” in the customer checkout experience.

The website offers a product-centered experience that demystifies product protection plans. A simple site architecture surfaces the most critical information. Friendly, plainspoken copy puts Clyde’s benefits front and center and makes it easy for users to understand how the platform drives revenue and loyalty.

The site experience motivates customers to offer Clyde protection plans and makes them feel confident that their end consumers’ purchases will be protected.

Heco gave us the foundation to grow our business and gain a competitive edge in the digital-forward insurtech space. Our new branding and website decreased our bounce rate by 14% and increased pages viewed per session from 2 to 4. They were collaborative and detail oriented from beginning to end. Deciding to work with Heco has proved to be an investment that is still paying dividends.
Jericho Shackleford, Marketing Lead at Clyde