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Cyrus Hotel

Identities for Topeka’s tip top hotel and restaurant.




Print Design

In Collaboration With

Aparium Hotel Group & Avenir Creative

Interior Photography

Michael Robinson

The Cyrus Hotel and its flagship restaurant The Weather Room are the most ambitious developments to hit downtown Topeka in generations. We created the brands and print collateral for these new Topeka icons.

We designed the brands to feel approachable but also alluring. The designs are inspired by the property’s neo-Federalist interior design, the military service of Cyrus Holliday (one of Topeka’s founding fathers and the hotel’s namesake), and Topeka’s quintessential prairie landscape.

To build out the brands we developed voice and identity standards, and designed over 40 pieces of hotel and restaurant print collateral—from stationery and menus, to key cards and luggage tags, to wayfinding and sales tools. The end result positioned The Cyrus Hotel and The Weather Room as everyday hotspots for Topekans and must-stay destinations for travelers and boutique hotel enthusiasts.

Heco really listened to the story behind our project. They didn’t come in with the cut and paste techniques that most agencies use. They toured and researched Topeka, and immersed themselves in the new properties. With that data and inspiration, they were able to create outstanding brands for Cyrus and The Weather Room. It was a fresh approach that made us feel welcome and the project authentic.
Seth Wagoner, CEO & CFO at AIM Strategies, LLC

The Weather Room’s name and branding are inspired by Kansas's notoriously unpredictable weather. The mark uses a playful twist to express serendipity and good fortune—like when you’re driven inside by a storm and end up making incredible new friends.