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A website about a decidedly different approach to machine learning.

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Black Book Studio, Ordinary Folk Studio

OnCorps is a decision guidance platform built for global financial, consulting, and technology firms. The platform improves decision making by enabling better data collection and analytics. We redesigned OnCorps’ website to tell a complex story about behavioral science, machine learning and performance gains in a simple, powerful way.

To build more advocates for OnCorps, more people need to understand what it does and how it works. Rather than dodging the complexity of the platform, we took it head on in a way that feels logical and intelligible. Linear UX methodically unpacks OnCorps’ narrative. Simple, precise language guides people along while demonstrating OnCorps’ mastery of the topics.

We avoided conventional design solutions, like techy infographics or sappy illustrations. Instead our design language is inspired by the basic building block of better performance—the everyday decisions that people make. We visualized those countless decisions, behaviors and patterns using bold, elemental shapes. Their simplicity and large scale make the site feel impactful and dramatic.

We paid close attention to background animations and content transitions as users scroll down pages. The interactive background elements keep users engaged with site content and make them curious about what they’ll see next. We also designed simple line charts—a key storytelling device for OnCorps—and energized them with elegant animations.

We presented Heco with quite a challenge: making a complex AI and behavioral science company understandable. They nailed it. After our site launched, we noticed a considerable pickup in our pipeline and in positive comments about our unique business model.
Bob Suh, Founder and CEO at OnCorps