Hub on Campus

A brand for the new icon of college living.


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Core Spaces is one of the country’s leading student housing builders, and Hub On Campus is their flagship offering. We helped turn Hub into a true lifestyle brand and created a scalable design system for localizing properties.

Hub redefined what it means to live like a college student. Think killer interior design, awesome amenities, and rooftop pools. But as the category they created matured, a gap grew between Hub’s product experience (living at a property) and its brand experience. We helped close it by rethinking and reinvigorating Hub’s brand. We created an artful new brand design to make Hub a leader in personality and style. And we wrote new narratives and messaging to express what Hub stands for and inspire residents to sign a lease.

Localizing properties with designs and stories inspired by their locations is a key aspect of the new brand. The platform we created is easy to scale as new properties open. We developed a color and iconography system to give each property its own unique character. We worked with local brand ambassadors to write localized headlines and stories. And we created a standard set of design templates to streamline marketing efforts and drive brand consistency at the property level.

We redesigned to reflect the new brand and drive leasing. We streamlined the site’s content and UX to create a focused experience that gently funnels users to the leasing portal. And we used photography and storytelling to showcase Hub’s elevated lifestyle and position the brand as an icon of college living.

We also branded Hub Lifestyle, a hospitality platform that elevates life at Hub and provides everyday opportunities for residents to stay fit, meet new people, and grow as individuals. Fresh and freewheeling, the new brand and web design supports Hub in its mission to help residents thrive at college and beyond.

Style guides at both the parent brand and the property level enable Hub’s marketing team to create consistent collateral across a complex landscape of locations, channels, and touchpoints. New narratives, voice traits, and identity rules help creatives design things that are on point with the new branding and aligned with the character of each building.

I want to say that Heco was the inspiration for our website way before I knew them. I want to say that they can take a lump of coal with good intention, breathe a soul into it and turn it into something I’d put on a billboard. I want to say that we’re incapable of consensus but Heco takes it in stride and shows us exactly what we’re looking for before we know what we’re looking for. I want to say they were instrumental in taking our flagship brand from just a logo to an entire platform. I want to say they make my job easier, more fun, and more inspiring. But I won’t say those things because I’m selfish. And you should totally not hire Heco for anything.
Mitch Dalton, Chief Director of Design at Core Spaces