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A brand for the world’s first 3D-printed, carbon fiber eBike.




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The Emery One is the world's first 3D-printed, carbon fiber electric bicycle. We helped the Emery team name their brand, develop their identity, position their product, write their messages and design their website.

We wanted the brand name to make riders feel like they have a partner on the road—their own personal sidekick cheering them on. That sense of companionship carries through to Emery’s brand voice and key messages. We used encouraging and witty language to change people’s perception of eBikes and get them thinking about how an Emery One can improve how they move.

A simple, bold web design engages cycling purists and eBike newbies. The bike’s new technologies are quickly connected to key benefits, and there are multiple pathways to reserve or purchase an Emery One. From daily commutes, to quick jaunts, to long road trips, the Emery brand encourages every ride and welcomes every rider.