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MSI, Wired to Wear

A brand for an exhibit that redefines humanly possible.



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The Museum of Science and Industry’s Wired to Wear exhibit is about the incredible capabilities that are being unlocked by wearable technology. We collaborated with MSI’s Exhibit Design and Marketing teams to name, brand and advertise the exhibit.

Our brand design gives the exhibit a sense of wonder, energy and fun. But the design solves a couple other big challenges as well, like communicating the often “invisible” functionality of exhibit artifacts and creating a guest experience where the exhibit’s physical design, signage, and marketing are all aligned.

The mark and brand patterns reference interwoven thread and wires to communicate the overlap of clothing and technology. Icons and typography are inspired by everyday clothing tags and labels. And ad headlines capture imaginations with the idea that wearable technology will create powerful new abilities.

Heco functions as an extension of my team, acting as partners when we need to quickly (and powerfully) define a new exhibition or program. They’re a compact group but their smarts and intuition have an outsized impact on our marketing programs. They’re excellent at helping us sharpen our narratives and build them into ambitious, far-reaching campaigns. Our brand is consistently energized by Heco’s keen writing and brilliant design.
Matt Simpson, CMO at Museum of Science and Industry