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West Studio is a concept art and visual development house focused on world-building and IP development. Clients come to them for big, original ideas that capture imaginations, win hearts and build franchises. West is among the best in the business, but they needed help differentiating their studio within a growing horde of global competitors.

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*Our clients are empowered to evolve their websites on their own. Live websites may not reflect our original designs.

We designed a new website that positions West Studio as one of the premier creative partners for ambitious worldbuilding assignments. We refreshed the brand’s visual design, wrote new messaging that highlights the benefits of building custom teams (a staffing model West pioneered in the category), and created a site architecture that makes it easy for clients to find relevant work within West’s large portfolio.

The end result is an immersive and intuitive user experience that primes new clients to reach out and claim their own new world.

Working with Heco on our website was a total pleasure from start to finish. The time and thought JT and Matt spent in Discovery really paid off. They provided outstanding visuals and copy, and achieved a final result that’s impactful and intuitive to use. Because of Heco, our site does a great job of communicating what we do and why we’re unique. And above all, they’re just great people to work with.
Tyler West, Co-founder and Creative Director at West Studio