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Glanbia Nutritionals

An identity spotlighting the power of tenacity.

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Glanbia Nutritionals makes food ingredients—things that go in items on just about every grocery store shelf. We took their most compelling personality trait and combined it with the little yellow circle that's been in their logo forever to create an identity that positions Glanbia as the industry’s most relentless innovator. We launched the new identity with the Greatness Takes Tenacity campaign.

We implemented the new identity system across a range of collateral, from flyers and sell sheets to brochures and white papers. By designing them as templates, we helped Glanbia’s sales and marketing teams maximize their use and keep them cohesive.

Banner ads and social media push people to a landing page where an anthem video showcases the Greatness Takes Tenacity campaign story. The page also communicates Glanbia’s core differentiators, the proof points of tenacity’s importance.

To maintain the consistency of the new brand across regions and lines of business, we created a style guide that outlines the usage rules of the identity system.