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Museum of Science and Industry

A campaign to build the unbuildable.

Marketing Strategy

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Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

3D Modeling

Digital Black Book

The Museum of Science and Industry’s Brick by Brick exhibit explores the science of building through world-class LEGO structures. With a true icon leading the exhibit, MSI wanted to drive ticket sales not only with families, but with hobbyists and anyone who grew up loving LEGO.

Our campaign concept—Build the Unbuildable—expressed the emotional core of the exhibit in a way that made each audience feel like it was for them—from kids to adults, and casual to avid LEGO fans.

The exhibit’s advertising strategy was built around digital, social, OOH and print. We designed bus stop take-overs, billboards and social media CTA’s to build regional awareness and drive ticket sales.

As a showcase piece in a prime tourist area, we designed a life-sized LEGO bus shelter. Every detail—from bench, to roof, to little birdy—was recreated in proportionally-sized LEGO bricks. The shelter embodied the idea of building the unbuildable and captured attention for blocks, pun intended.