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A brand that opens new paths between entrepreneurs and investors.

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Netcapital is a web platform that helps entrepreneurs turn friends, family and fans into investors. We helped them create a new brand based on unprecedented cooperation between entrepreneurs and investors.

The identity we created expresses the opportunities that emerge when entrepreneurs and investors truly cooperate. Based on an underlying grid and a minimal illustration style, the system is easy to manipulate and expand.

We wrote maxims that define Netcapital’s philosophy, and key messages that unpack its benefits. And we established a brand voice that signals trustworthiness and sophistication—in a down-to-earth kind of way.

The identity opens up new narrative opportunities. Designers can tell the success stories of companies and investors by recombining the pictograms in new ways. The system is designed to come alive on web and mobile, spurring animations and interactions that make the Netcapital user experience more ownable, enjoyable and effective.

We sent Heco 438 files of musings, half-starts and inspiration. They gathered the perspectives of seven people, including potential customers, and somehow (in just four weeks) they synthesized those competing ideas into a coherent vision for our brand. We're rushing to implement their recommendations fast enough to keep up with the compliments that we're getting as a result of their work. Plus, our team now has a common perspective on who we are, which has made working together even better.
Joseph Dombroski, Head of Experience