An app that materializes a better booking experience.

Creative Direction

UX Design

Web Design

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Whittl, Inc.


Jason Esser

Whittl is an app that lets people book local services—salons, florists, optometrists, what have you—and helps appointment-based businesses grow. To gain more users, Whittl needed to launch on Android and refresh their current iOS app.

We overhauled the app’s UX and aligned it with Google’s Material Design philosophy. We thought about the app’s feel as much we did its function, making the overall experience more snappy, tactile and playful.

By using interactive prototypes from the start, we improved collaboration with the Whittl team and created a more fully-considered end product. Together we took a systems approach to the design, creating a modular UI toolkit that lets Whittl’s developers expand on functionality without compromising design or wasting time redesigning standard elements.

We refreshed Whittl’s iOS app with the design language we established for Android, and added new UX behaviors native to Apple.

We also brought the new design to Whittl’s website, creating a cohesive look for the brand across its touchpoints.