An apartment brand that inspires people to go live their best.



Creative Direction


Print Design

In Collaboration With

Core Spaces


Drew Roper

ōLiv is a new brand of apartments designed for young professionals who want an elevated lifestyle in the city center. We created ōLiv’s brand name, designed its visual identity, and wrote messaging that inspires residents to sign a lease.

ōLiv apartments are built by Core Spaces, a nationwide leader in student housing. The new brand plays a key role in Core’s strategy to expand into the larger market-rate housing space. We helped Core make the leap with a brand name and visual identity that capture the essence of ōLiv’s offering—elevated city living with the perfect mix of amenities and culture. The logo’s simple shapes feel refined but playful, and they help support the correct pronunciation of the brand name.

We created artful brand patterns by deconstructing, enlarging, and tiling the logo’s letterforms. The patterns are designed for a wide variety of scales, from wall-sized to stationery.

Being in tune with local culture is an important part of ōLiv’s brand story. We created a versatile color system to localize the brand and enable individual properties to reflect the spirit of their market.

The style guide we created helps ōLiv’s marketing team rollout the brand and localize new properties. The guide articulates why ōLiv exists, what it stands for, and what makes it unique. And it provides clear identity usage rules and simple design instructions for creating marketing deliverables that connect with ōLiv’s target residents.