About Us

We help our clients turn information into experiences people care about. Our work stems from the belief that simple is powerful, and that anything can be simple.

Heco Chicago office interior
Heco office building in Chicago IL
Unfinished Charleston Heco office interior, paint still wet on the walls

Heco has partner offices in Chicago, IL and Charleston, SC (where the construction dust is thick and the paint perpetually wet).

Our Approach

We build specialized teams for every project. By assigning the right people—strategists, writers, designers, illustrators, animators, editors, developers—to the right job, we give our clients access to world-class creatives who are playing to their strengths and set up to deliver award-winning work.

We bring our clients into the creative process from start to finish. We’re not into creative mystique or grand reveals. We prefer to craft work transparently and collaboratively. That keeps us laser-focused on client objectives and lets us quickly flex when good ideas pop up.


Every project starts with one-on-one conversations. We talk with our clients about how their business works, where they want to take it, why their offering is unique, and what motivates their customers. These learnings create a common ground to work from and guide every creative decision down the line.


We’re true believers in the influential power of stories. They take a lot of different shapes—concept statements, brand values, voice traits, key messages, taglines, or web copy, to name a handful. But the point is always this—the first thing we create are stories that make people believe in our clients.

Design + Development

We use design to get brand stories into people’s lives. It’s how we make an audience instantly believe a story is for them, even when they’ve never heard of the company telling it. We might create visual identities, marketing collateral, web pages, or a hundred other things that make our clients irresistible.

Screenshot of Bluecrew website in Webflow interface.
Webflow Professional Partner stamp
Webflow Experts logo

Heco is an official Webflow Expert and one of the first to pioneer professional design on the platform. We specialize in using Webflow to create highly interactive, narrative-driven websites, as well as versatile, intuitive CMS’s. Our Webflow sites have pushed the boundaries of the platform and have been recognized for their aesthetics, usability, and results-driven performance.

We presented Heco with quite a challenge: making a complex AI and behavioral science company understandable. They nailed it.

Bob Suh


Founder and CEO at OnCorps

Heco helped us clearly communicate what we do and why we do it better. Because of their work we now have a brand and website that has helped us achieve triple digit growth in the last 18 months.

Michael Episcope


Principal at Origin Investments

Origin Investments
Heco delivered exactly what we were looking for. Are they mind readers? I don't know, but I do know our expectations were completely blown out of the water.

Michael Vaynerman


Marketing Director at Bluecrew

Heco functions as an extension of my team, acting as partners when we need to quickly (and powerfully) define a new exhibition or program. They’re a compact group but their smarts and intuition have an outsized impact on our marketing programs.

Matt Simpson


CMO at Museum of Science and Industry

MSI, Wired to Wear
Heco brought to bear design sensibilities that are nonpareil and copy chops that are a cut above. They not only gave us a phenomenal end-product, but they actually helped shape the strategic direction of the company.

Bumper Carroll


VP Creative at Second City Works

Second City Works
Heco gave us the foundation to grow our business and gain a competitive edge in the digital-forward insurtech space. Deciding to work with Heco has proved to be an investment that is still paying dividends.

Jericho Shackleford


Marketing Lead at Clyde